Deus Ex Machina

"This is the generation of the great LEVIATHAN, or rather, to speak more reverently of that mortal god, to which we own under the immortal God, our peace and defense." -Thomas Hobbes: Leviathan

Systematic versus Modular Theology

The more “systematic” one’s conception of theology the more one would be inclined to believe that theological propositions exists within a “tight” deductive frame. “Everything is connected to everything else” … Continue reading

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“I’m a Gay Mormon Who’s Been Happily Married for 10 Years” by Josh Weed

Josh Weed just wrote a post about his ten year marriage to… a woman. See here for more.

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CRASHED: Do pro-gay marriage arguments lie in ruins at our feet, and no one seems to notice — or care?

Originally posted on T. Porter Davis :
By T. Porter Davis, May 31, 2013 Note: This will be the only time I will deal with this topic in a secular manner.…

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It is not Given to us to Pass Righteous Judgement upon the World’s Affairs

Perhaps the world is not so much spinning out of control but that it was never really within our control anyway. The former days of Empire gave the illusion of … Continue reading

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On the Churches of Christ

I’m starting to feel a very weird sympathy for the Churches of Christ in America. The anti-creedalism and extreme sola scripturalism of these churches very weirdly leads to positions which … Continue reading

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The Bible is Not a Narrative

Perhaps the concept of the narrative structure of the Bible is one of the worst things to have happened to biblical scholarship. It’s like, we are unashamedly and explicitly being … Continue reading

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More on God not Accepting Us for Who we Are

It is common nowadays to speak of Christ “identifying with us” or standing in solidarity with us in our low estate, almost like a form of democratic misery loves company … Continue reading

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“Bring Back Stigma” by Roger Scruton

John Stuart Mill, the pioneer of this way of thinking, had all sorts of devices for reclassifying harms as non-harms. By his lights, the corruption of mores which safeguard human … Continue reading

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As the Child of a Single Parent, I object to the Arguments of Jaxe Pan’s Online Note to Yaacob Ibrahim

For Jaxe Pan’s original note, see here. My Own Background I belong to a single family, my parents were divorced when I was a teenager, and I fully support our … Continue reading

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Not Gay Gene but Male-Loving or Female-Loving Gene?

To an evolutionary geneticist, the idea that a person’s genetic makeup affects their mating preference is unsurprising. We see it in the animal world all the time. There are probably … Continue reading

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