Deus Ex Machina

"This is the generation of the great LEVIATHAN, or rather, to speak more reverently of that mortal god, to which we own under the immortal God, our peace and defense." -Thomas Hobbes: Leviathan

Seriously, one is starting to grow tired of all the self-posturing pretensions of the bourgeoisie literati elite exalting their chosen art as the salvation of mankind in all the hand wringing discussions on literature in Singapore…

Thinking Blue Guitars

Over at Faith and Theology, Ben Myers has just posted his latest piece on the art of writing. It’s a short extract from an essay by Margaret Atwood. I’ll quote it here:

What is writing for? Writers – unlike dentists, bricklayers and other practical folk – are always being asked why they do what they do; asked, in effect, to prove their usefulness. It’s an odd question, because language and mathematics are the two most potent and useful tools human beings have ever invented. Sometimes, as a writer, you forget this. You can get stuck; you can start believing in your own superfluity…

Essentially, you have three main choices as a writer in a capitalist society, one whose principle ideology is necessarily utilitarianism: either you revel in the uselessness of literature as an implicit rejection of that ideology (art for art’s sake), or you attempt to justify its uses (extending…

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